How to use dry shampoo safely

It's no doubt the ladies of the Miss America Pageant probably have a few beauty shortcuts up their sleeves. Who could blame them? Beauty is a lot of time-consuming work, and in just a few short years, sales of the haircare hack "dry shampoo" have skyrocketed.

However, this time-saving tool that allows you to skip a shampoo but still look freshly washed has taken a lot of heat on social media. There have been horror stories of hair falling out, and while Alexis Talbot didn't have to deal with that hair nightmare, she certainly saw the damage from overusing the lazy girl lifesaver.

"I have an extremely oily scalp, but I don't like to wash my hair all the time, so I was using dry shampoo in the powder form probably four to five times a week," explains Talbot, but then she noticed her hair had begun to change.

"Instead of having more volume and being shiny, it was flat, it was dull, I felt like I had to get my color done too often, and I felt like I had to wash it more than I had to before!" she says.

Hair Stylist Dani Purkiss, from The Upper Hand Royal Oaks, says she's seen it before.

"A lot of people are overusing it, and I've got to tell them, it's time to back off," she explains.

Purkiss says too much dry shampoo can actually damage our hair.

"Overuse of it causes buildup in your hair, and it ends up looking matte, dull and dry, and it doesn't benefit your hair at that point."

Purkiss says it was actually designed for bed-bound hospital patients who couldn't wash with shampoo and water.

Advanced Dermatology's Dr. Sherry Ingraham says dry shampoo wasn't made to be used every day.

"If you put too much hair powder on every day, your hair can become thick and sticky and brittle and actual friction can occur between the hair and cause breakage," says Ingraham.

Ingraham says dry shampoo probably won't make you bald, but overuse of it can create an unhealthy scalp environment, making it itchy and flaky.

"If you are prone to an irritated scalp -- you have ciboria, you have dandruff -- I would caution you not to use hair powder if you have any sensitives in your scalp," adds Ingraham.

You don't need to wash your hair every day, but it is important to actually clean the oils and dirt off the scalp and not depend on dry shampoo.

"We suggest you wash your hair two to three times per week and shampoo two to three times per week," says Purkiss.

She adds we'll get the best results by using the right dry shampoo for our hair.

"If your concern is getting rid of oil and odor, we recommend the Kerasilk Color from Goldwell," she says.

"The Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is awesome if you're trying to get a root lift in there, get a little oil out, run your hands through, and you're good to go," she adds. Just make sure to spray this product at the roots.

"For volume, we like Goldwell Ultra Volume Spray. This one you can spray from your roots all the way down to your ends," says Purkiss.

KMS Hair Play is great for beach waves, but it isn't for every hair color. Because it leaves a white residue, it's better for blondes, and if you get a little white residue, just run your hands through it, and it should go away.

For second-day hair and updos, try Dust It.

When used properly, the product's results are worth it.

"My hair feels much better, it's much healthier, my volume is back," says Talbot. null
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