How to lose weight on a budget with free, low-cost online help

Who can afford to splurge on a nutritionist? Most of us really can't, but not to worry. You can still get expert help on a budget if you go digital. Here are some options:

Weight Watchers just launched a Beyond the Scale program. You might have seen the ads featuring Oprah Winfrey. The online standard program for Weight Watchers is $19.95 a month with a $20 sign-up fee.

Two popular free apps that keep track of your calories and workouts -- the LoseIt app and MyFitnessPal. Both apps have the ability to scan codes so you can keep track of the food you are eating.

My Diet Coach helps people tackle the mental hurdles when it comes to weight loss. Included for free- motivational assistants and a food cravings timer to help tame those temptations. The app also offers tips, photos, and rewards to keep you motivated in a simple manner.

And for those on the go, a free app called Food Tripping is for those on the go -- using the g-p-s on your mobile device, it tracks down alternatives to fast food wherever you are. We are talking health conscious cafes, juice joints and farmer's markets to keep you in check.
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