Wear contacts? 3 tips for protecting your eyes from infections

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Wear contact lenses? Here are three tips for protecting your eyes from infections. (KTRK)

When it comes to your contact lenses, bad habits can lead to serious problems like infections and even eye damage.

Jeneen Interlandi, health editor for Consumer Reports, says falling asleep with your contacts is a common problem.

"It can increase your chances of an eye infection by six to eight times," Interlandi said.

If you think taking out those contacts is necessary only when you sleep at night, think again.

"Even just a nap with your contacts in can be risky," she said.

If you want to protect your eyes, here are a few tips that can keep your eyes healthy and strong:

  • Never rinse with tap water: It's rare, but it could contain a vision-threatening parasite.
  • Don't swim with contacts: For the same reasons, parasites could be lurking in pools and other bodies of water. Always wear goggles.
  • Don't use longer than recommended: Whether your contact lenses are week or month-long lenses, don't use longer than directed.

Contacts that you use for just one day are more expensive, but Consumer Reports says it may be worth it.

"Less handling can help make single-use lenses a bit safer than those you use multiple times," Interlandi said.

You also won't have to buy as much disinfecting solution with one-day only lenses, and if you prevent just one infection you're ahead of the game.

Some more advice: Don't share your contact lenses. You're just asking for problems.

If you ever experience redness, pain or irritation with your contacts, stop using them. See a doctor if the problems do not clear up in a day or two.
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