Get Fit Week: Can you cut it as a cop?

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston Police Department Sergeant Tiffany Jefferson is tough. When she's on the streets of Houston she means business.

Several times a week, when she hits the gym and trades cop clothes for workout wear, she doesn't play.

"Your life actually depends on whether or not you're fit enough to do the job. So fit for duty is really important," said Sgt. Jefferson.

A former Police Academy instructor, she takes her fitness seriously but says it all boils down to her there basic rules.

First, keep a journal and write everything in it.

"If you have a piece of gum, it can be a hamburger, what happens is," she says. "You don't want to put those negative things in your journal."

Secondly, Sgt. Jefferson said a change in age could mean a change in your workout.

"One of the most important (things) also is going to be realizing that your body changes. The things that I used to do early in my career and my 20s, I'm not able to do those things successfully on my body and recover," said Sgt. Jefferson.

She says her last tip is that you have to be willing to give something up. She gives up three things a month.

"The three things that I gave up are coffee, because I love Starbucks. I gave up Whataburger and I can't have bacon," said Sgt. Jefferson. "At the end of the day it's training your mind to be a strong person who (can) actually set their mind to it and accomplish anything.
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