FUNGUS FAD: Mushroom powders tout health benefits, but do they work?

Imagine going to a café and instead of adding cream or sugar, you drop mushrooms in your drink. But it's not about the flavor.

These days, the fungus fad is in full bloom with mushroom powders touting all sorts of health benefits.

Define Living in Montrose is one of the places where mushroom powders are being stirred into coffees and teas.

"Mushrooms have been around for thousands of years. They have healing properties. It's the original of superfoods," said Erin Stewart, co-owner of Define Foods.

The mushrooms aren't the culinary types you usually buy at the store. They have exotic names and have been used medicinally in parts of the world for years.

"Healing benefits are that they're anti-inflammatory, build your immune system and give you energy," said Stewart.

Experts like nutritionist Mascha Davis warn that more research needs to be done about this trend, so do your homework.

"There's also a lot of really extreme claims being made about mushrooms and many of these claims are not backed up by science," said Davis.

Experts remind us that the mushrooms are exotic foods with the potential of allergies and side effects.

Check with your doctor before trying this.

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