Why you should trade weights for range of motion and stabilization exercises

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When you watch some of your favorite athletes perform, you might think they're just naturally gifted and lift weights.

But today's athletes are playing better and maintaining that level of performance longer into their career by focusing on range of motion and stabilization.

Danny Arnold of Plex will tell you it's the type of training some of the NBA Finals players are doing in the off season.

"Using a Buso Ball and some power bands allows you to work on your stabilization and develop better strength in your hips and shoulders," Arnold said. "Listen to your body because it is talking to you. Instead of a workout that takes a toll on your body, think of "prehab" exercises that can help prevent injury."

Now, of course, few of us are training for the NBA or NFL, but Arnold says these type of moves, incorporating the hips and shoulder, can help anyone carry out everyday activities.

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