Retired officer badly hurt in wreck helping children with spinal injuries

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A retired HPD officer is trying to turn his struggle into inspiration. Jason Roy has spent hundreds of hours rehabbing after being seriously injured in a car crash. Now he's hoping to help others push through their struggles.

Roy has an 8-inch scar on his neck that peeks out of his collar and he tells Eyewitness News it actually thankful for it.

"I had to go through that to get to this," Roy said.

The 35-year-old was badly injured during a violent crash after a high speed chase in May of 2011. He broke his neck, back and had a stroke.

"I was telling them this is it, I'm going to die in a police car," Roy recalled his words to fellow HPD officers on the scene of his crash on Almeda Genoa in Southeast Houston.

He was temporarily paralyzed from the neck down, fought for months for every step, and now he says, "I'm good" with a smile.

Roy, who is medically retired from the Houston Police Department, is set to launch a foundation, Zero 2 a Hundred, supporting children with spinal cord injuries. He was inspired after watching many families during his recovery struggle to pay their child's rehabilitation.

He has also released a book, "From Zero to a Hundred: Finding My Purpose through My Pain." Both were born from his life-changing experience.

"I know the only reason I'm still alive is because I do have a mission. I do have a purpose."

Roy hopes to inspire others to push through their low points.

"Your zero doesn't have to be my zero, but if you live long enough, you're going to have some zeroes. You've got to keep fighting. You've got to keep fighting," Roy explained.

Roy, who lives in Fort Bend County, spends his days doing rehab and keeping up with his 4-year-old son. He still depends on others. In fact, he had his cousins with him for our interview.

"I appreciate them."

It's his new reality in the 3 years since his accident and he wants others to know life gets better every day.

"If you just hope, and hold on, and believe, you can get through it."

Roy will be signing books during the official launch party for his foundation, Zero 2 a Hundred Foundation at a "Wine & Dine Reception" Saturday, August 30 from 7-10pm at 5226 Elm Street. A $50 donation is encouraged.
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