Doctor creates 'Sneez' app to track local illnesses

BOSTON, MA -- Ever wish you had a crystal ball into the germs and illnesses that are lurking at your child's school?

The "Sneez" app may be just what you're looking for!

A new, free app is helping parents track which germs are going around in their child's classroom.

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Dr. Bill Satterwhite created the "Sneez" app, which uses crowdsourcing to track illnesses going around school.

It allows parents to anonymously enter their own school and grade, and self-report symptoms or diagnoses, such as lice or the stomach bug.

All parents can then search the information by entering their child's school and grade.

One mother of four remarked, "We would be so in front of illnesses!" when she was told about the new app.

The "Sneez" app is not endorsed by schools.
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