California couple open gym after losing 200 pounds on ABC show

COSTA MESA, CA -- Newlyweds Bryce and Amber Mulvey have collectively lost 200 pounds in the last six months, but they've gained much more in terms of living a healthy life.

"There's so much emotion that goes along with being overweight. Stuff that I didn't even ever realize was affecting me," Bryce said.

The Mulveys were recently featured on ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss," and they shared their early difficulties.

Like many people, food became a major comfort and they suffered the challenges of being overweight.

"We know how hard it is to go from your couch watching TV and eating everything you could ever imagine to actually physically doing some exercise," Bryce said.

Amber recounted a story about how she went to the gym at about 273 pounds. She said she entered the gym feeling pretty crummy. In our weight-obsessed society, just going through those doors was tough.

"I just felt like the culture of the gym wasn't as welcoming as what I needed," she said.

Both observed that many judged them on their size along with other challenges.

"You can't fit on a roller coaster ride with your son because the arm latch doesn't barely latch and he's going to fly out," Bryce said.

So with the help of experts Chris and Heidi Powell they not only lost the weight, they opened Symmetry OC gym in Costa Mesa to help others.

"For us this is our way of paying it forward. This place is a fun, safe environment for somebody who doesn't even know where to start or how to start," Amber said.

They want all shapes and sizes to work with their trainers and join their fit community.

Amber, now six months pregnant, said there are days where a cheeseburger still looks more inviting than a workout, but the lessons learned from their transformation are ingrained in them.

"My promise to myself was this was going to be for the rest of my life," Bryce said.

"Whatever that 'why' is and I think you have to kind of keep peeling the layers on your 'why,' you're never done," Amber added.

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