Woman agrees to giving her kidney to a complete stranger

WEST ASHLEY, South Carolina -- About six months ago, Lashonda Pugh wrote a message in chalk on her car's back window.

The message was a plea for her son, who was in need of a new kidney.

"Miss Starr just gave my son a chance to live life like a normal 24-year-old," said Pugh.

"I can't really explain it, it just completely moved me," kidney donor Starr Gardy told WCIV-TV. "I took a picture of it and I went in Walmart and I was shopping, and all I could picture was there is somebody in here who has this weight on their shoulders."

Pugh's son, Daniel Jones had the chance to meet the woman he calls his angel.

"It's a lot," said Jones. "Knowing that I have her organ in my body, we're family now. So, she's not just a stranger anymore, she's my aunt."