Boy with terminal brain cancer has 'Best Day Ever' after a pickup from the U.S. Secret Service

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- From the Secret Service pickup right at his home, David got dignitary treatment all day long, WAVE-TV reports.

"We ran motorcades all around Louisville. We put him in a helicopter so he could take an aerial view of Louisville. He helped catch a perp, helped catch a bad guy," Rich Ferretti of U.S. Secret Service said.

"It was good to see how excited he got. When we were in the helicopter he got to actually fly and do some of the controls," Elizabeth Turner, David's mother said. "He was on the radio the whole time talking with all his cousins and friends, and he had a blast. It really helped cheer him up today, which is the point of this."

A motorcade took him all over the city of Louisville, complete with a pizza lunch at Papa John's headquarters, where David got to check out a fire truck.

All those who helped had a day they will never forget ever.

"He wanted to do Make-a-Wish, but this really made our day. We don't get to do things like this often enough, and we were blessed to be able to do this today. This meant a lot to us," Ferretti said.