A simple blood test can reveal if you suffer from a food intolerance

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A simple blood test can reveal if you suffer from a food intolerance

May is Food Allergy Action Month with many efforts to increase awareness. But do you know there is a difference between food allergies and food intolerance?

Alexandria Rion is a mom of two who suffers from migraines and she's noticed other recent symptoms.

"For a good portion of my adult life, I suffered from headaches," Rion explained.

"I'm a busy mom, but I'm tired. And, I just wondered if that had anything to do with food intolerance," she said.

So, Rion is undergoing a simple blood test at Any Lab Test Now in North Raleigh, to see if she has an intolerance to many common foods.

She's had food allergy testing and knows she is allergic to peanuts and lobster, but, she's been wondering if food intolerance could be part of her nagging symptoms.

"So many things-besides stomach issues, head issues, weight loss, weight gain," said Rion."All those things, I've read, can be a result of a food intolerance."

Any Lab Test Now owner Glory Gallucci explained the difference between a food intolerance and allergy.

"Food allergy typically is an immune response your body has," said Gallucci. "You typically get an immediate, more immediate response-ten minutes to 2 hours. With food intolerance, you might get more vague symptoms. It's really your body not fully digesting the food."

Gallucci recommends the 100 food panel test for adults. There is also a pediatric test.

"We do have pediatric because sometimes the food intolerance can impact the kids behavior," said Gallucci. "So, we do have a pediatric panel that tests for the 50 most common foods. Some people have had major life changes as a result of finding out they have had these food intolerances." she said.

A food intolerance blood test is usually an out-of-pocket expense. Gallucci says the 100 food panel for adults starts at $349.00, something Alexandria Rion feels is money well spent.

"I don't feel like I'm going to suffer from the side effects if I stop eating the food," Rion said.

"And, with the medication, it's also expensive," she said. "Even if you have insurance you have to pay your co-pays and things like that, it all adds up. It can be so many things and if I find out it could just be a food I could cut out for a period of time, I'd be happy," she said.

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