5 moves to a better butt

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Get ready for five exercises to achieve a more fabulous behind. We're boosting our booties, and these exercises are simple enough to do in your living room.

Fitness Trainer Hilary Hall recommends using ankle weights or a band to add more resistance while doing these exercises.


Donkey Kick-Backs: On all fours, core tight, lift one leg and bend it. Thigh is parallel to ground, and foot is flexed and parallel to ceiling. Start lifting and lowering as high as you can without arching back and breaking form. Do 20 on each side.

Straight Rear Leg Lifts: While on all fours, drop to elbows. Next, extend the leg straight out behind you, point the toe, and lift leg up and down as high as you can without turning the hip out to the side. A large range of motion with the added resistance of an ankle weight will make you feel the burn quickly! Once again, 20 on each side.

Clams: Lie on your side, bend legs, ankles together. Add the weights to the top of your outside leg. Lift and lower the outside leg and repeat on the other side.

Round House Kicks: Back on all fours, extend one leg out to the side, kick out, bring calf in, and drop.

Side Kicks-to-Leg Lift: Lie on your side, rest head on elbow, bend bottom knee. Then, extend the top leg, lift it up, bring the knee in, kick it out and drop it down.

Try doing these 20 times on each leg and four rounds. If you repeat these exercises three to four times a week, you'll be on your way to a more sculpted behind!

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