3-Year-Old cancer patient dressed as Wonder Woman gets love from Lynda Carter

A three-year-old girl battling cancer dressed up like Wonder Woman to celebrate her last chemotherapy treatment, and received some love from the real life Wonder Woman actress herself.

Sophia Sandoval, an avid superhero fan from San Antonio, was diagnosed with medulloblsatoma last May.

"When she was taking the medicine, we would tell her she was going to get Super Woman or Wonder Woman powers," Sophia's mom, Rossio Sandoval, told ABC News. On Tuesday, the Jessie Rees Foundation shared an image of Sophia dressed up as Wonder Woman, celebrating her last day of chemotherapy.

That photo went on to be shared over one million times, and even attracted the attention of Lynda Carter, who played the female superhero in the 1970's television series "Wonder Woman."

"We felt so happy and so special because we didn't really expect that," Rossio Sandoval told ABC News. "It is so awesome because I know a lot of people who see this will see that my daughter is kicking cancer, and maybe it will help others."

Sophia will undergo an MRI to ensure that she is cancer-free, but her mother says that she no longer needs a walker and is back to playing at home.

"You're always scared of cancer and the fear that it will come back . . . I told my husband, every one of those likes is a blessing for her and one that is helping us," Sandoval said.

"Hopefully, it's helping other people see that not every story has a sad ending," Sandoval told ABC News.
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