103-year-old great grandmother back home after COVID-19 battle

BELLVILLE, Texas (KTRK) -- A 103-year-old great-grandmother is back home from the hospital after fighting COVID-19, and her daughters credit faith, community and family for her survival.

Maude Browning from Bellville was admitted to the hospital because she wasn't eating or feeling well. She was soon diagnosed with both COVID-19 and pneumonia.

During her six day hospital stay, Browning said she was given IVs and some breathing treatments before returning home.

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Her daughter, Gwen Green, says her mother is a fighter, and the family never had a doubt that she would get out of that hospital.

"You may kick her for a day or so, but she's coming back. She's going to be okay," Green said.

With 13 children and dozens of grandchildren, Browning has a lot to live for.

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"I was so blessed and honored to be here, my kids surprised me. It was good. It was good to make it to 60," said Bellow after the celebration.

Her family also credits her strong faith in her healing and says she has overcome many challenges in the past.

Browning will turn 104 in April, and the family can't wait to celebrate.

Her message to others fighting COVID-19 is, "Don't give up."

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