These are the changes coming to HCTRA Ez Tag holders

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Monday, October 26, 2020
Harris Co. toll roads no longer accepting cash due to coronavirus concerns
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The Harris County Toll Road Authority is making changes to help reduce the spread of germs and potential exposure to the coronavirus.

Harris County toll tag customers, there are a few changes coming your way.

The Harris County Toll Road Authority announced it has updated the terms in customers' agreements in order to "improve service to our customers."

So what exactly are the changes?

The minimum prepaid toll balance will now be $20 if you have up to two cars on your account. But that won't be automatically changed. Customers will have to go into their accounts and manually change the prepaid balance from its previous amount.

In need of a new sticker tag? No worries, they're now free. Customers can now get up to eight sticker tags per account before being charged.

Do you still get your HCTRA updates and statements via mail? Well, that'll be a little different now. According to HCTRA's website, it will now provide updates to your email and on its website.

Back in March, HCTRA also announced it will no longer be taking cash at the tolls due to COVID-19 concerns and those who went through the cash tolls would have to go online to pay their fees.

To find out more details of the upcoming changes, visit HCTRA's website.

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