Houston man selling Hatchimals on Craigslist for $125

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Many parents are still desperate to find a Hatchimal for their child. It is one of the most, if not the most, popular toy this holiday season. With stores stocking up as much as they can, some people are just out of luck.

Some parents are turning to Amazon and eBay, with the toys going for up to $300 on those sites. The retail price is actually $59.99. However, Jim B. is selling them from his Houston home for $125.

Jim said he knows that many people are unhappy with how he is selling Hatchimals for more than they are worth, but he said others are grateful to be able to buy the hard-to-find toy for their child who has it at the top of their Christmas list.

"I get a lot of ugly messages," Jim said. "A lot of people I end up selling to send me messages about how they are unable to get to the store because they live in a rural area. They tell me that I have saved Christmas for them."

Jim has purchased 38 Hatchimals at Walmarts across the area and four at Target, and he's been selling them on Craigslist. The most he bought in one purchase was two weeks ago when he got 16 from a a Walmart.

"I drive for Uber, so I was able to check stores overnight," he said.

Jim said he has been re-selling things, mostly toys, for more than 18 years. When asked if he was doing this to make a lot of money, he said, "I guess you could say that."

Jim has 12 Hatchimals left as of Tuesday.
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