Harvey victim turns to ABC13 for help with alarm contract

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Turn to Ted: Alarm company wants to charge for Harvey-damaged home (KTRK)

Gloria Jackson's not sure what she'd need to protect in her flooded-out home, but she says when she called her alarm company to cancel her service, they wanted her to pay for another two years. That's when she called us.

During Hurricane Harvey, her home flooded not once, but twice.

"It flooded and my son, they got the house clean, cleaned out, but the next day it flooded again," Jackson said.

Gloria's had to pull out her walls, her carpet and her furniture.

We had to get rid of everything."

Well, almost everything. Gloria kept this alarm system because the company who sold it to her said she'd have to keep paying until her contract ran out in 2019. She said she called the company, Alder Home Security, and they did waive two months of fees, but told her that was all they could do.

"I cannot get out on the contract no matter if how the house look is not inhabitable, but I still have to pay them," she said.

That doesn't seem right - there's little for the alarm to protect at this point. Gloria's daughter says she tried calling too but couldn't get anywhere.

Gloria was stuck paying more than $50 a month for an alarm that was protecting piles of debris and empty walls. That's when they called us. We called the company. The bosses at Alder told us they'd gladly cancel the remainder of Gloria's alarm contract.

"Oh, praise God. God is good."

alder also told us that it's willing to work with any Harvey victims that need assistance while they rebuild. Gloria's advice for others?

"Turn to Ted at Channel 13 and this has been a tremendous help to me."

Alder tells us if you're a Harvey victim, give them a call and they will work with you on your contract.

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