Houston teen recreates photo with officer 15 years later

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (KTRK) -- A Harvard freshman is sharing a recreated photo with a man she was destined to meet again.

Crystal Wang's father took a photo of her when she was just 3 years old.

He was in Boston for a business trip, and when the family visited Harvard's campus, a university officer posed with her.

Wang didn't know the photo existed, but her dad showed it to her when she got into Harvard and said she should try to find the officer.

Not knowing his name, she posted the picture on Instagram and a Harvard Gazette reporter recognized the man as Officer Charles Marren.

The connection put the two in touch and they met up again, 15 years later to recreate the prophetic photo. The pair became instant friends, with Marren giving Wang his personal cell number if she ever needs help.

Wang is from Houston and attended Memorial High School before going off to Harvard.

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