Where to find the creepiest Halloween cakes in Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Visiting Common Bond Café and Bakery during Halloween isn't your average bakery experience.

But then again, who wants to be average?

"I thought, 'What can do I to just horrify everybody?'" laughed cake designer Sarah Ono Jones. "I'm a big Halloween queen. I love spooky stuff."

Jones is not exaggerating.

She's made cakes of zombies, beating hearts, even creepy clowns.

"I definitely do not make cakes that have eyeballs staring at you to make it look delicious," explained Jones. "I do it for the art. I want people to be wowed by it, like, 'Is that a cake?' That's the reaction that I love."

For more on their creepy creations, visit their website.
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