Only have minutes to get ready? Tips to rock that perfect hairstyle

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Hurry! You have to get ready for that holiday party and look festive, but you only have five minutes! Thankfully, Anna Laurel from The Upper Hand Salon has a hairstyle that takes minutes to achieve and looks like you had it done at a salon.

Here's what you need to achieve the look:

* Curling iron
* Comb
* Hair tie
* Hair pin
* Hair spray

Now, let's get started!

1) Make a low ponytail
2) Curl the hair - this makes it more manageable to style
3) Tease the hair - this makes the hair look thicker
4) Pull the hair through a hair tie and make a bun, leave a section out.
5) Take the section left out and wrap around the hair tie and secure with hair pin to disguise.

What is the best pro tip to finish off the look? After spraying, run the hot curling iron over the top to make the fly away lay down.
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