Hail storm across Houston area caught many by surprise

ByAngela Chen via KTRK logo
Monday, April 20, 2015
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Several counties were hit with hail, rain and high winds by the fast moving storm

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Strong storms moved through the Houston area yesterday afternoon into evening, bringing hail to many parts of the viewing area.

Residents in Tomball reported seeing 2-inch hail come down in spurts during the afternoon hours. As the storm moved across the area, drivers were seen taking cover in gas stations, underpasses and even under trees.

"I just didn't want it to damage our vehicles," said Tomball resident Andrea Quigley. "I pulled it (truck) inside the garage. We hadn't seen anything like that...golf ball size hail."

"We were very shocked when they got golf-ball sized," said Andrea Quigley, a Pinehurst resident.

Quigley said the hail was so big it dented his car.

The hail became part of An Eyewitness News live shot that aired yesterday at 5:30pm. Reporter Angela Chen dealt with hail the moment it came down.

After the storm, some people around the Woodlands began cleaning up.

"It started to get a little dark. I said 'man, I'm not expecting rain today.' And I wasn't thinking that at all and all of a sudden, it just came out of nowhere," said Tom Pinckard of The Woodlands.

For some people around town, it was the quickest turnaround from blue skies to pelting hail they had ever experienced.

"Today was beautiful, and then, all of a sudden, you get the storm that comes through, and we're looking out the windows, and here comes the hail!" said Woodlands resident Wendy DeArmond.

The damage was negligible but one person we talked with said the hailstorm did leave his greenery looking slightly different.

"We had a couple bushes that just kind of randomly split in half. It was just really weird," said Woodlands resident Britton Munson.

Experts say it's important for homeowners to take a close look at their roofs because damage is not always visible from the ground. Also, don't wait to see if your roof will leak because that's not the only sign of damage.

No surprise storms are on tap for Monday, but rain does return to the forecast after that.

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