Grandmother admits to smoking meth when granddaughter wandered off

BULLITT CO., Kentucky -- A grandmother admits she was smoking meth and that's why she lost track of her granddaughter.

She made the statement during a custody hearing in a Kentucky courtroom.

Two-year-old Charlee Campbell was dehydrated, covered in mud and ticks from wandering in the woods for more than a day.

The toddler finally made it to a house where the homeowner called deputies.

The Bullitt County Sheriff says he wants to know exactly the events that led up to the girl wandering off.

"We're drawing a search warrant as we speak and trying to document our probable cause to believe we should get into those phones and those devices and find out if there is any information in those phones that would lead to some kind of foul play," said Sheriff Donnie Tinnell.

Several family members showed up at the custody hearing seeking custody of Charlee. The outcome of the custody hearing is not known since the court record is sealed.

Currently, she is in the care of child protective services.