Girl donates her medals to kids battling sickness at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital

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Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Gracie Lindaman donated her medals to kids battling sickness at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An 11-year-old triathlete donated her medals to young patients at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Gracie Lindaman has been doing triathlons since she was 7 years old.

"It just means that they're as much as a champion than I am," she explained.

Her dad had asked if she was sure she wanted to give away a medal she worked really hard for. Gracie replied without a doubt, "Absolutely, I want to give away as many as I can."

After a box of donated medals reached the Spring Fire Department, firefighters decided Gracie herself needed to be the one to give them out.

The fire department got in contact with Gracie and flew her and her mother down from Iowa.

"I feel really grateful and blessed that I'm not ill and that I'm able to do these," Gracie said.

She had collected more than 300 medals to giveaway.

Some were her own, others were from her friends and classmates.

Some medals had inspirational quotes and messages to encourage children battling sickness.

"Just finishing a race seems hard, but when I look and see what they're going through, it seems like 10 times harder" she said.

If you have medals you would like to donate, go to the We Finish Together website.

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