Curious elephant grabs a GoPro and sticks it up its nose

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015
These curious elephants had a blast when they noticed a GoPro camera recording them.

When a group of curious elephants stumbled across a rolling GoPro camera in a field, they knew exactly what do with it: stick it up their nose.

At first, the elephants seem disturbed by the GoPro's unnatural presence. Soon, though, the entire herd is poking at it, fascinated by what it could be. Then, one of them manages to pick it up with its trunk, giving us an awesome shot of the trunk's POV of the world... until the camera flips backward and gives us a grisly look at the inside of the elephant's olfactories.

After a few slimy squishes, the elephant drops the GoPro back to the ground, apparently "over it."

We're pretty sure the camera's owner didn't mind the nosey invasion considering the incredible footage that came out of it.