Good Samaritan dies trying to rescue child being swept away by river

SANGER, California -- A good Samaritan died when he jumped in the water to try to save a child.

According to authorities in Fresno County, the man in his early 60s saw a child getting swept away in the water at Winton Park, just outside of Fresno.

He jumped in, along with the child's family.

As fire officials arrived, they spotted five people in the water trying to get back on shore.

"People were trying to save other bystanders, and bystanders were trying to save those people. Ultimately, multiple people were in the water, several near-drownings. EMS was checking out three different victims, because of the temperature of the water, and them just taking on and inhaling some water," said Fresno County Battalion Chief Ryan Michaels.

Firefighters said everyone besides the good Samaritan made it out of the water.

Crews found his body 45 minutes later. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.
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