2 goats believed stolen from Fort Bend County man

FRESNO, Texas (KTRK) -- A Fort Bend County man is desperate to find the two goats he says were stolen from his property nine days ago.

"Normally the goats are waiting for me for their food," said Michael Cox.

Cox said he only had the goats for six months and woke up on the morning of April 29 to find their pen was empty. He believes a thief came onto his property the night before and hopped two fences in order to get to them. He also says one of the goats was pregnant at the time.

"I didn't realize until Monday morning, I was getting up to feed and I was getting up to go to work, and I went out to feed them and they were missing," Cox said.

When the goats went missing, Cox says he posted to Craigslist about the missing animals and claims he got responses from people saying someone was trying to sell the goats on another website.

"So I contacted the sheriff's department after verifying those were my goats and they came out and I had three deputies show up," Cox said.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office has confirmed they are investigating this case.

Cox also says he got a tip from someone who thinks they spotted the goats a few days ago in Sunnyside near Martindale and Carson.

Anyone with information about where the goats are located are asked to contact the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

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