Girl's adorable letter to Houston's mayor gets action on sidewalk repairs

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A little girl wasn't happy with the sidewalk situation in her neighborhood in the Heights, so she took action. And she went right to the top to get something done about it.

Sophie Blitz, age 8, wrote a letter to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner asking for repairs to the sidewalk between her home and her elementary school, on 5th and Cortlandt Street.

"I am in the 2nd grade at Harvard Elementary. There is an unfinished sidewalk on 5th and Cortlandt. I ride my bike to school so that is a problem. I have to ride in the street now. My mom says it is not safe to ride my bike on the street. Can you either build a bridge or finish the sidewalk? I will show you the bumpy sidewalk," Sophie wrote. "I can also show you where it is so maybe you could come to my house. It will be better if you fix it so I can ride on the sidewalk and you can help rebuild the sidewalk because it is bumpy. And there is a ditch where the bump is that is hard to ride over because I don't want to fall in the ditch."

She invited the city's leader to inspect the sidewalks, and join her for a snack.

"If you come visit my house to see the problem sidewalk my mom says she will give me money to take you to get gelato. We walk or ride bikes there from our house. If you want to ride your bike, bring your bike. Do you have a bike? Or my mom can drive us there. Or we can walk," Sophie's letter continued.

She finished her letter what any professional would do - working to find a mutually beneficial time for the appointment.

"What day would be best for you? I get out of school at 3:00 PM. I have swimming Tuesdays and Thursdays but I could skip if that is the day you are comfortable with. My sister has piano lessons on Wednesdays so no Wednesdays.
Thank you,

Sophie Blitz
P.S. My sister's name is Annie and she is 5 and she also rides her bike to school. She is in Kindergarten at Harvard Elementary. She needs a safe way to get to school too."

Mayor Turner met with Sophie Friday afternoon to inspect the sidewalk repairs together, and walk to get some gelato.

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