Famous wrapper from Splendora shares tips on taking gift wrapping to another level

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Did you know that the world's most famous gift wrapper is from Splendora? Well, he made a visit to the ABC13 studios to show us his skills and how to take gift wrapping to another level.

"Our grand finale was wrapping a baby grand piano, and I had 15 minutes to do it," master wrapper Alton DuLaney said.

That's how DuLaney beat out seven other gift wrappers in 2008 to win a contest. It made him a star. He's appeared on countless shows like "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and with Rachael Ray. He even made a wrapper's rap.

VIDEO: Watch the rap video here

DuLaney moved from New York back home to Splendora to study and teach art at University of Houston and to share the art of wrapping gifts.

"There's a few things to remember. One is that you don't want too much paper. Not quite cover the depth of the box on each end," DuLaney said. "My edge goes right to the edge of the box. Fold it down like this."

Finish it up with a hand-tied bow, although he loves store bought bows too.

And anything works as wrapping paper, even money.

"I just tape them together to create a sheet of paper," DuLaney said.

For a wine bottle, clear cellophane wrap with decorative tissue and a twist!

"You just kind of smooth it out, and you have instant gift wrap. Any host would love to get this when you show up at the party," DuLaney said.

With a gift bag, lose the tissue and add sparkly ribbons for an extra touch.

DuLaney even showed us how to wrap some oddly-shaped items. He can do it all!
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