Getting into the Oscar spirit with nominees of 'Get Out,' Daniel Kaluuya and Jordan Peele

LOS ANGELES -- The horror-thriller "Get Out" was released in February 2017, but Oscar voters did not forget it and even with the onslaught of so many late in the year releases, "Get Out's" star Daniel Kaluuya is nominated for best actor.

But that isn't the only honor the movie got. Creator Jordan Peele has three chances to take home Oscar gold. His categories are best director, best original screenplay, and, as a producer, best picture.

The two newcomers said they felt the love and acceptance of the Hollywood community when they recently attended the annual Oscar nominee's luncheon.

"I sat down, I was like oh wow, I'm nominated for an Oscar!" Kaluuya said. "It really sunk in, seeing like Christopher Nolan, and (Steven) Spielberg, and Guillermo (del Toro). Like wow! It's a pretty surreal ride."

"The whole thing is set up like a competition, but you know, at this point, everybody in this experience, we're fans of each other's work," Peele said. "We're honored to be in this space with one another. And the best part about this is meeting these heroes, meeting these icons, meeting these people that you just love their work."

It's all about teamwork for these two friends. They bonded while filming "Get Out."

"That's my guy!" Kaluuya said. "It's love. It's real. It's trust. And that's rare. There are certain scenes when it was like, I looked into Jordan's eyes and go, 'I trust you!' and that's invaluable."

Peele joked that Kaluuya won't be able to say no to another movie.

"Really, the best part for me is that he can never turn me down for a movie," Peele said jokingly. "I got him. I got his number!"
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