Hundreds expected for invite-only welcome back for Bush family

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The body of President George H.W. Bush is expected back in Texas on Wednesday. When his casket and the Bush family return to Houston, we've learned more than 300 people will be there to greet them at Ellington Field.

Students from the George and Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders at Houston Christian School will be among those in attendance.

"I feel super honored to be given this chance," said senior Autumn Nicholas. "Mr. Bush was a very impressive man."

Medical staff from Houston Methodist Hospital also will be there, including nurse Cassandra Frankiewicz. She helped care for the former president over the years. She's happy to have received an invitation.

"I feel extremely honored to help remember his legacy," said Frankiewicz. "They (George H.W. and Barbara Bush) made you want to be a better person."

A LIFETIME OF SERVICE: Experience the legacy of President George H.W. Bush
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