Passenger leaves $3K tip for parking attendant at Bush Airport

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We've probably all had the kind of panic when you walk out of someplace and can't find your car.

That happened to Shea Serrano at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. To his surprise, he was helped for more than an hour by a patient worker.

Serrano had quite the way of paying her back.

"I really thought it was a prank," Radelle Lofton said. "I didn't really believe it."

Lofton works for New South Parking at IAH. She's often called to help when someone can't find their car.

"We were going up and down all the aisles trying to find it," she said.

When they found the car, Serrano wanted to leave a tip. He tweeted out the desire to leave a large tip, and within a couple hours, he raised about $2,500.

Serrano added more money and returned with a hefty tip of $3,000 in cash.

"I'm very thankful," Lofton added.
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