Caught on camera: Woman crashes car with infant inside, smashes vehicle with bat at gas station

Women involved met up for children's clothing swap, police say
DETROIT, Mich. -- A woman went on a tirade at a suburban Detroit gas station and it was all caught on video.

Video shows a woman in a white car driving wildly with an infant in the back seat and crashing into two cars. After the baby was retrieved, the female driver is seen taking out a baseball bat and smashing one of the cars.

Police said the incident started as a fight between two women who knew each other.

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"With a baby in the car I just can't believe," said Kim Lulow, the owner of car wrecked during the incident.

Police say the women met up at the station to engage in a children's clothing swap. It's unclear what started the fight.

The driver of the car is facing multiple charges.
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