Blue Bell gives the scoop on Brenham as high school football team prepares to face Waller

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Nothing brings communities together like football, so Eyewitness News plans to feature not only what's great about high schools, but also what's great about the community surrounding the school.

ABC13 reporter Katherine Marchand took a trip to Brenham, but not without stopping by Blue Bell Creameries first.

Blue Bell headquarters is one of the top employers in the city of Brenham. It provides jobs for more than 700 people.

Jenny Dorf, a Blue Bell employee, gave Eyewitness News the scoop in the ice cream parlor.

"Well the main ingredient is milk, so this is perfect for breakfast. Very healthy for breakfast," Dorf said.

While Katherine only tried the sweet treats for the day, Christy Moran says she's been doing it for 20 years.

Moran is the research and development manager at Blue Bell. She gets paid to come up with new flavors.

With Blue Bell in their backyard, you might wonder how the people of Brenham decide what to sample. But Van Dorf says on game day, the decision is easy since Brenham's school colors are green and white.

"If you're rooting for the (Brenham) Cubs, of course, we're going to suggest pistachio almond, which is green or mint chocolate chip," Van Dorf says.
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