Galveston man gets a happy ending after his wedding ring went missing the day his husband died

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Galveston man couldn't believe it when he discovered his wedding ring was stolen the day his husband's body was removed from his home.

Aaron Ellisor and his husband, William Charles Freeman did a lot in their 40 years together. "We were just a good team," Ellisor recalled.

Six years ago, the team became one as they tied the knot in New York City. A day full of surprises.

"I hired a flash mob of singers that he didn't even know about," Ellisor recalled.

For Ellisor, the best surprise came from what Freeman put on his finger. Years before, Freeman had a ruby and diamond ring made for himself. At the wedding, Freeman presented him with a matching piece.

Recently, the good times came to an end. Earlier this month, his husband passed away.

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When all seems lost, hold on to your hope.

"He was a mentor to so many people," Ellisor said. "I mean, he was my major mentor in life."

Losing his husband was tough, but what came next put him over the edge. After his body was removed, Ellisor noticed something was missing.

"I had it in this little bag," Ellisor explained. Inside the bag was the ring his husband gave him. "I can't think of anything lower than stealing my wedding ring on the day that my husband dies," Ellisor said.

Ellisor called police, and turned to social media. He even turned to his late husband for help.

"I've asked him if we're supposed to get that ring back to guide us to find that ring and get it back," Ellisor said. A call his husband answered.

After weeks of looking, Ellisor found the ring at a pawnshop. A symbol of love he's not going to slip away from his finger anytime soon.

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