Galveston beaches and roads impacted by strong storms

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Rainfall over the next few days is expected to impact roads and beaches in Galveston County over the next few days.

The area is expecting upwards of seven inches of rain. If the rain is spread throughout that time, the risk of street flooding is minimal.

However, if it falls at a faster pace, it could create issues.

One area already seeing an impact is State Highway 87 on the Bolivar Peninsula. Throughout the day, TXDOT crews have worked to keep the highway open.

The water is crashing against the road, which is causing debris to spill into the roadway. At this point, the road hasn't closed.
We spoke with drivers on Monday as they tried to make their way through the Bolivar Peninsula.

"It's over the road right now, and it's going to get worse," Jean Gerr said.

"I think the seawall has been broken in one or two places," Copland Minter said.

"It's just scary," Julie Minter said.

Another area in Galveston County to keep your eye on over the next few days is the ferry, which takes people to the peninsula. As of right now, it's still operating as normal. However, strong winds could impact service this week.

As for the beach, Galveston Island Beach Patrol raised the red flag Monday. Officials say there are strong riptides creating dangerous conditions.

They aren't keeping anyone out of the water, but the patrol asks only experienced swimmers venture into it. If you are already daydreaming about the weekend, beach patrol believes the water should be calmer by the weekend once the storm and rain move through.

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