Mother of HISD bus crash survivors: 'God had hands on my children'

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The family of the two students who survived Tuesday's crash of an HISD school bus are now talking about their close call, while those who lost loved ones struggle to comprehend what happened.

Janeicia Chatman, 14, and Mariya Johnson, 17, died when their school bus, which was headed to Furr High School, flew off an overpass.

Twins Lakeshia and Brandon Williams survived that horrific crash and on Wednesday, their mother spoke to the media.

"I did watch the news, and just to see the impact of the crash, my children could be gone," said Ella Williams. "and I give it to God, God had hands on my children."

Williams said both teens had surgery are recovering. Lakeisha suffered more serious injuries and has not been able to talk. Meanwhile, Brandon, who has some broken bones, is already bouncing back.

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"He's just trying to be funny," said Ella. "He's just trying to get back to being Brandon."

As the Williams siblings recover, the crash site where so much tragedy occurred is quickly turning into a memorial. There, we found Calvin Chatman, grandfather of Janecia Chatman, mourning the death of his grand baby.

"It's hard for me right now," he said. "I haven't been able to sleep, I can't eat. I keep thinking how she felt the last few moments."

Family members say Janecia Chatman was so tight with the Williams twins that although unrelated, they referred to each other as cousins, and friends say the scope of the tragedy is just sinking in.

"They're like normal kids like doing normal things," she said "They're really good kids."

Local and federal authorities are trying to piece together what led to the horrific wreck.

The Williams family didn't want to talk about the details of the accident or any blame. They say right now, they want to focus on the recovery of Lakeshia and Brandon.
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