Friends of Galveston homicide victim raising money to send his body to Louisiana

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- No arrests have been made in the weekend homicide that Galveston police said was an "extremely unusual scene."

On Wednesday, officers identified the victim as 66-year-old Melvin Walker of Galveston.

Officers released his name, but they're not saying how he died.

"This crime scene is ever evolving," Galveston Police Department Detective, Derek Gaspard said. "I'm not sure how many crime scenes we have at this time, but it's multiple."

Walker's body was discovered on a sidewalk in the 3800 block of Avenue P1/2, but officers don't believe he was killed there.

According to authorities, they believe someone wrapped his body in household items.

"Every homicide investigation is different," Gaspard said. "It all has it's own elements where you have to track down leads, and so forth. This is just one that we don't encounter all the time."

Walker's friend, Belinda Page is struggling with the news.

"You don't just dump somebody out like trash," she said. "He's a human being."

Page told ABC13 Eyewitness News the two were close over the past two years. She described Walker as someone who would do anything, and not expect anything in return.

"He didn't want a dime," Page recalled. "Not a dime. He didn't want anything."

Page is looking to repay the favor. She created an online fundraiser to help his family pay to move the body to Louisiana.

"I've got to get him home," Page said. "I've got to get him home. My heart won't let me do anything other than getting him home."

As for the case, officers are asking anyone who knows anything or saw something around the 3800 block of Avenue P 1/2 from Friday until Saturday morning to come forward.

If you have any information, you can call, 409.765.3778, or Galveston County Crime Stoppers at 409.763.TIPS (8477).

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