Free home workouts from Houston-area trainers and gyms

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- With gyms and workout facilities closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, it can be a challenge to stay in your healthy routines.

Many local gyms and fitness centers are offering free online workouts. Fitness trainers and Instagram influencers are also offering free workouts on social media, as well as ideas for substituting household items for traditional gym equipment.

Define Body and Mind is offering free workouts right now, including yoga and barre classes, and virtually no equipment is needed.

Some routines require no equipment at all, while others require simple household items like a chair for balance. Define also suggests using cans of soup or bottles of water to replace hand weights.

HIP Fitness is also offering free daily classes on Instagram live. There's no charge, but the studio asks that you leave a tip. All of the donated money goes directly to instructors.

Local Personal Trainer Roz Jones posts workouts almost every day that require easy substitutions for traditional gym equipment or no equipment at all. You can find her on Instagram at RozFitLifestyle.

Roz also shared this tip: You can substitute paper plates for gliders. Simply place them under your feet, get into a plank position, and pull your knees toward your chin for an arm and core workout. They can also be used to help tone legs and thighs.

Also on Instagram, Carmen Morgan, a local fitness guru with a half-million followers, posts fun dance moves, workouts, and stretches. You can find her at MyTrainerCarmen.

For more stretching, try tying the feet of pantyhose together. It helps stretch sore or tight muscles.

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