11 Fort Bend ISD schools move to online-only learning for the week

More Fort Bend County schools are switching to remote learning due to COVID-19 and absences from staff members for the rest of the week.

Fort Bend ISD told ABC13 that their COVID-19 response team determined they were going to have a tough time staffing the campuses this week from COVID-19 related illnesses and staff being out for other reasons, so they made the shift to virtual learning.

Eleven schools are moving to online only for the rest of the week. The list includes six elementary schools, two middle schools, plus Dulles High School, Willowridge High School and the James Reese Career and Technical Center.

The district said these 11 campuses have moved from a Level 2 yellow threat to Level 3, which is red. The levels are part of Fort Bend ISD's COVID-19 Response Plan which outline what the different levels of instruction mean, with Level 1 meaning face-to-face and Level 3 meaning online for all.

You can also find the full breakdown on the Fort Bend ISD website.

Some parents are wondering how transparent the district is being with them as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

Becca Brenton says both of her children, who go to the same school in Fort Bend ISD, have COVID-19. She says she alerted the school on Friday and expected an email to go out before the weekend to let other parents know, but says that didn't happen.

"I do not hold anyone at fault. I know the district is doing a lot to handle it the best they can. My only concern is how transparent are we all being with one other and how proactive are we being with keeping the students, the teachers and the families safe?" Brenton said.

According to the district, the virtual learning is set to last for the week, but that could change.

The district plans to provide an update at the end of the week.

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