Fort Bend teacher struggling with infertility proves there's a happy ending

A Fort Bend ISD teacher who struggled with infertility hasn't let that impact her in the classroom.

Whitney Gillioz is a fourth grade teacher at Arizona Fleming Elementary School. The last three years have been tough for her and her husband as they went through a personal battle.

"There was no explanation on why we couldn't get pregnant. They actually named it 'undiagnosed infertility,'" she said.

Gillioz and her husband started fertility treatments first, trying intrauterine insemination or IUI.

"That's the more simple process and we did that four times, and we were unsuccessful the four times," Gillioz explained.

At that point, she and her husband turned to in vitro fertilization, which is a major financial decision and an emotionally draining process.

Gillioz says IVF was a six to eight month process for her and required about 200 hormone injections.

She found out she was pregnant with a baby boy, only to later experience a miscarriage. During this time, Gillioz was still preparing lesson plans for her class.

She decided to endure one more round of IVF and a miracle happened.

Gillioz is now 32 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. She says her family is excited and so are her students, but she has a message for other struggling couples.

"I just feel like sharing my story so that other people know there's a happy ending," she said. "They're not alone."
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