Ft. Bend ISD teacher teaches confidence through hairstyle

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Friday, February 2, 2018
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Ft. Bend ISD teacher teaches confidence through hairstyle

SUGAR LAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Leigha Bishop and 4-year-old August Burroughs are two peas in a pod.

They work on their letters together at Lakeview Elementary School. They give each other hugs. And now, they have the exact same hairstyle.

"August always changes her hair, kind of like I do. And when she got here Monday, she got out of the car and I was like, 'August, your hair is so cute,'" Bishop explained. "And she was like, 'Yep, thank you, whatever.' And I was like, 'No, I'm really going to go home and do my hair.'"

And that's exactly what she did. When Bishop showed up to work the next day, a picture was taken to capture the moment.

August couldn't have been happier.

"I like the same hairstyle as Miss Bishop," August giggled.

In a day and age where bullying is high and students thrive to feel accepted, Bishop knew what she was doing. She's been teaching for seven years and hopes the hairstyle is just part of the legacy she hopes to leave behind.

"I know a lot of people think education is pen and pencil and test scores," Bishop said. "But to me, it's more than that. It's when kids are comfortable with knowing their teachers notice them for them."

August is one of five girls in her family, all of whom have different textured hair. Her mom is grateful that when she drops off her youngest one, she'll leave feeling confident and pretty about her locks.

"It says a lot when children can go to school, and they can have a teacher who celebrates who they are," August's mom, Evarista Burroughs, said.

The term "Black Girl Magic" has taken social media by storm, describing monumental moments of positivity and empowering women of color. Miss Bishop plans to use it to her benefit. She encourages not only August to take pride in her thick hair, but all students to embrace what makes them special.

"No matter what the next person says, just back it with, 'Oh, that's great. you're beautiful and so am I.' So, you just have to know it. You just have to tell yourself and believe it," she said.

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