Deputies called to Fort Bend County constable's home due to disagreement with his wife, FBCSO says

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Friday, July 15, 2022
Police called to home of Fort Bend Pct. 3 Constable
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Deputies in Fort Bend County were called out to the home of one of the constables. In the video above, learn more about where the investigation stands.

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- UPDATE: The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office got back to ABC13 late Thursday night.

Sheriff Eric Fagan said they finished the report and closed the investigation after determining no crime was committed.

He said they received a 911 call from Constable Nabil Shike's wife who was upset and said she was scared but that it was not a life-threatening emergency. She requested that the sheriff's office respond, rather than Precinct 3.

Fagan said the disagreement happened over the phone so there was no physical contact between Shike and his wife and no threats of bodily harm were made.

Deputies reported that they did not find any physical marks on the woman, which they documented with photos, and said their home was not in disarray.

The call slip was made confidential in the FBCSO system because it involved an elected official and no crime was committed, according to the sheriff.

Sheriff Fagan said he did reach out to Constable Shike the following day but never heard back from him. He said the case will not be handed over to the district attorney's office because no crime was committed.

The original report appears below.


It is unclear if an investigation is underway into what led deputies to being called out to a Fort Bend County constable's home on Sunday.

Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable Nabil Shike told ABC13 in an interview on Thursday that he and his wife had a disagreement and deputies responded.

When law enforcement arrived, Shike was not at his home. He said that he was not home during the disagreement either, but did not elaborate about how the two were communicating.

Shike said there was no physical contact and repeated that he was not home at the time. He said he was at his office.

He said he did not learn about the deputies responding to his home until Monday, when other officers asked him what happened.

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ABC13 asked the constable why the call was made to law enforcement if there was no physical contact and it was a verbal dispute.

"Again, there was a disagreement between my wife and I," Shike said. "I wasn't at home when the call was made, was not notified about it until the following day. I'm not going to look it up. I don't know what was going on. The sheriff's office came out there. If you want any more information, speak to the sheriff about it."

ABC13 reached out to the sheriff's office on Thursday and followed up several times, but was not given any information about the call. They have not indicated if they are investigating the circumstances.

Sources said the call cannot be searched in the department's system anymore.

The district attorney's office said the case has not been submitted to them for review.

Earlier this month, Houston police were allegedly called to Chief Troy Finner's home due to a disagreement about his COVID-19 status.

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