Former USC gynecologist pleads not guilty to sexually assaulting 16 women

LOS ANGELES, California -- Former USC gynecologist George Tyndall on Monday pleaded not guilty to charges of sexually assaulting 16 women over a seven-year period when he worked at the university's on-campus health center.

Tyndall, who faces 29 felony counts, appeared at an arraignment in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom with disheveled hair and wearing a suicide-prevention vest.

Prosecutors had asked for bail to be set at $2.075 million. Attorneys for the 72-year-old defendant argued that the amount should be lowered due to Tyndall's health issues, which include a heart condition and diabetes.

His lawyers contended that he was not a flight risk nor a threat to the community, noting that his medical license expired in 2018.

The judge nevertheless ordered that bail remain at $2.075 million in the case, while allowing the matter to be revisited during an upcoming hearing on Wednesday.

Tyndall was ordered to surrender his passport and was forbidden to practice medicine or prescribe drugs while the case is ongoing.

During the investigation, Los Angeles Police Department detectives traveled to 16 states and spoke to more than 350 women about their experiences.

Tyndall was arrested Wednesday outside his Mid-Wilshire apartment, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said. Tyndall complained of chest pains after being taken into custody, and he was transported to a hospital for treatment. He was transferred into the county jail days later.

Moore also said Tyndall was carrying a .38-caliber revolver when he was arrested.
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