Deaf high school football players prove critics wrong

FREMONT, CA (KTRK) -- A football team in California is teaching an entire community and other players that the game is about so much more than just x's and o's.

This year marks the California School for the Deaf's seventh year at the Playmakers Camp in Sacramento. Every member on the field is hearing impaired.

So while their play calls may be silent, they are showing fellow campers that the focus of the game is on the bigger win.

"Other players get to see how you overcome adversity and how you play beyond your limitations," Playmakers Camp Coach Greg Roeszler told KOVR-TV. "And Fremont School for the Deaf is just an example of what you can do when your heart is in the right place."

The team's first scrimmage was against Golden Sierra High School.

"They don't think we can communicate well, but we actually can. So we actually prove them wrong," said Matthew Bonales.

"It's really cool, just give them a thumps up and smile at them and they know what you're saying," Nick White said.
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