Western African cuisine offers deliciousness right in west Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A little over four years ago, Tunde Fashina decided to bring Western African foods - mostly from Nigeria and Ghana - to Houston.

So, he opened Wazobia African Market on Westheimer Road.

"The passion that we have here is to make sure we have great products, fantastic prices, and great customer service," said Fosina.

One of the biggest draws to his market is palm oil. It's a darker, red oil because it's made with palm nuts, which are red in color.

"These oils are proven to be much more healthy than these oils. No cholesterol," said Fosina.

People also shop for their favorite decaf drink, something that still gives you a jolt like a cup of Joe.

"It's Vita Malt...It is basically a drink that gives you energy, revitalizes you, and basically picks you up," said Fosina. "Often, people drink this after they've eaten a big meal. Vita Malts come in the original flavor, acai, and ginger."

Along with managing the grocery store, Fosina works closely with Kemi Ariyo who helps run the kitchen. She says their varieties of rice are a must try. They have a jollof rice with a smoky flavor, a coconut rice with a kick of spice, and a fried rice.

There is a big draw for their goat pepper soup.

"In Africa, we like our food with a little bit of spice," said Ariyo.

The goat pepper soup certainly has it. They are also well-known for their egusi soup.

"This is our best seller here. You have a little bit of vegetable, and assorted meats," said Ariyo.

If you prefer vegetarian, Wazobia offers a Edikaikong soup.

"It's from the Calabar tribe. It's made with okazi leaf, and we add spinach to give it a kick. It's quite a vegetable," added Ariyo.

Finally, their desserts are pies and most of them have meat or fish in them. However, there is one sweet treat made of dough, yeast and sugar.

"This is the heart of the party. If you're holding a party back in Nigeria, you have to include puff puff," said Ariyo.

The Wazobia African Market is located at 16203 Westheimer Road in Houston.

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