CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Wendy's employee captures mice crawling on burger buns

TULSA, Oklahoma (KTRK) -- Would you like mice with your meal?

A Wendy's restaurant in Oklahoma is under investigation after the workers recorded a video of mice in the food.

An employee at the restaurant in Tulsa says they are concerned about the sanitation of their workplace.

A video, posted by one of the employees, showed the live mice crawling in the bag of hamburger buns.

Employees say the mice even left traces of feces in the packaging.

"I just hear 'mouse, mouse!' I'm like 'we do not have mice in this store, what?' said Wendy's employee Skylar Frame. "I go back there and the mouse is moving around in the big buns."

The employee said she posted the video when managers failed to take action after she complained to them about the mice.

Following the video's publication, Wendy's said they are aware of the incident and have launched an investigation with their pest control and internal quality assistance vendors.

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