Watch out now! Mississippi man puts mustard on his crawfish

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (KTRK) -- People from the south know a thing or two about cooking up a good meal. From the gumbo to the crawfish boil, we know how to cook and spice up the food just right.

Or so we thought.

Ross LeBanc had a front row seat to an experience like never before. On June 24, LeBanc's friend, Lavon Moulder, hosted a birthday party at his girlfriend's house in New Orleans. Naturally, with it being crawfish season, there was no discussion on what the main entree would be.

However, with too many cooks in the kitchen, something is bound not to go your way. LeBlanc knows there is Texas-style cooking and Louisiana-style cooking. What he didn't know about was the Moulder-style cooking.

When the crawfish was boiled to a perfect bright red color, things started to go downhill.

"He surprised me when he pulled out the mustard," said LeBlanc. That's when he pulled out his cell phone and started filming. "I thought my friends and family would get a good laugh. It just looked funny to cover everything with it, corn and all," said LeBlanc.

That is when LeBlanc learned to real meaning behind "everyone has their own style of cooking."

While the guests of the party had a good laugh at Moulder, the real laugh came with the Facebook comments.

"This is how you get excommunicated from the South," one wrote.

Another wrote, "Sometimes, no matter how well they were raised, they just go BAD. LOL-- mustard, really????"

Moulder boiled two bags of crawfish with his mustard topping, and while LeBlanc didn't eat his normal serving, everyone had a good time at the party.

And to be honest, that's all that matters. But LeBlanc has a message for everybody at home.

"No one from Louisiana participated in making this happen."

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