Whataburger rap song becomes a fan favorite

It's not uncommon for rap songs to talk about 'bread', but a new Whataburger rap song is giving it a much more literal meaning.

Whataburger retweeted a rap song dedicated to the fast food chain, that talks about its bread and everything in between.

The song became a fan favorite among Twitter users and was retweeted over 1,000 times.

The song, appropriately titled "Whataburger," was written by Sergio Velasco, a 19-year-old rapper who goes by the name 'Swerzie' from Tennessee.

Velasco visits Texas often for shows and has fallen for everything the Lone Star State has to offer, especially the burgers.

When asked what sparked the flame broiled inspired melody, Velasco said when he finally tried Whataburger, it was love at first bite.

"I made a song with the producer 'Downtime' about my favorite food spot there. Whataburger is amazing. It's the go-to spot every time I'm in Texas," Velasco said.

The lyrics of his song highlight just how deep that love goes.

"My plane just landed in Texas
Tryin' to go and hit up Whataburger for my dinner, lunch, and maybe even breakfast
Need the patty melt, spicy ketchup in the burger and I just spent way too much money here but I don't care I'm flexing
If she says shes vegan than I'm never ever texting
They don't like their burgers? Then on them I'm disrespecting
Birthday coming up, the beginning of December, all I need is honey chicken strip sandwich as my present, UUH!
Orange the cup that I'm sipping

Juicy my burger, its dripping
You In-N-Out boys is tripping
High quality beef, you know that we flipping.
I don't wanna hear a single thing about who's better
Jalapeno biscuit in the a.m. with the cheddar
Open every hour no matter the day and weather
And it's made just like you like it, so you cannot hate it ever, yuh!"

Swerzie has another upcoming show in Austin and the rapper hopes the song is enough to make Whataburger want to cater it.
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