Turkey goes through windshield, becomes family's Thanksgiving dinner

ABILENE, TX (KTRK) -- Call it a Thanksgiving miracle, a turkey's curse or just plain old fate. A North Texas family was treated to a giant turkey after the bird came smashing through the windshield of a big rig driving past their home.

Kameron Schrader says he was driving over a bridge outside of Abilene when a 30-pound turkey smashed right through his windshield.

"I just knew I had to get the truck stopped and whatever it was off my lap," Schrader said. "By the time I got stopped, I realized it was a big ol' turkey and then kind of started thinking about it being Thanksgiving and it was kind of ironic."

Schrader pulled over on the service road near some homes to clean his rig.

"He'd unfortunately passed away already," Schrader said. "A whole family came out so I asked if they could use it since there's nothing that I could do with it and they were pretty excited about getting it."

Schrader says he's still trying to process what happened.

"Everybody's asking if I was OK and then after that it was just hysterical, because what are the odds of hitting a big ol' turkey on Thanksgiving?" he said.
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